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Higher Ground Living with Shane and Nikki, explores how to maintain happiness and peace throughout the ups and downs of life. HGL cover the psychology and spiritual tools available to grow strong unshakable mindsets.

Through fun and insightful discussions and third party interviews, Shane and Nikki provide an easy listening approach in their breakdown of complex psychological and spiritual concepts.

"It is our desire to equip people from all over the world with the tools, practice and skills necessary to create lasting changes and happiness in their lives. We want to see a world where more and more people become consciously aware of their lives and grow to choose happiness and peace over fear and hate. We want to see people living their best possible lives, authentically manifesting the lives they know they were born to live. In this way we see a future where more people are living higher ground lives. Being happy, being peaceful and living abundant blessed lives." Shane & Nikki

Jan 27, 2018

Welcome to HGL. The place to be, to manifest the best possible you in 2018.


Manifest U 2018

Our cry for this whole year is "Manifest U 2018".


"Manifest U" means working to improve the quality of our thinking so that we begin to manifest the best version of ourselves. That is the focus of the HGL Podcast and Blog. To equip us with effective tools that will take our lives higher. Filling us with increased happiness and peace consistently throughout all seasons of life. It is our belief and experience that we all have opportunity to choose happiness over sadness, faith over fear and peace over stress. Its not always easy and it does take work but the fact remains that peace is often a choice. The more we practice and fill our minds with Higher Ground Thinking the more we will manifest Higher Ground Lives.


Choose Happiness


In this episode we discuss how 2018 is a blank canvas. Ready for what we choose to make it. Its our focus to make this year great. By expecting great things and thinking quality positive thoughts. This year we are choosing happiness. We are watching our thoughts and emotions and consciously deciding to switch negative thinking into positive action.


This is the year we get our dreams and visions off the ground. We get started on our desires, we stop just hoping and we get doing. When our old life sneaks in and fades our inspiration we get up and keep going. No shame, no guilt and no pressure.


Nikki gives a great tip of setting easy goals at first in order to get some positive momentum. As we tick off a few actions we celebrate those small wins and move forward confidently to bigger and better things.


Our feature topic for this week is the quote:


"There is no way to happiness,      Happiness is the way."


From this quote we extract that we must fuel our journeys with happiness from the start. Its not wise to only expect happiness when we achieve a destination. By the time we arrive at a desired goal or destination there is no guarantee of happiness or peace. As the destination may not be all you thought it would be and even if it is, it won't last forever. We all know from experience that good times don't last forever. At some stage we have to move on and leave the party. Therefore if we are thinking "I'll only be happy when I achieve my goal". Then we are making the journey harder and ultimately setting ourselves up to fail long term, because the destination will change and we will return to frustration.


So move along your journey with happiness and gratitude. Be thankful for all the aspects of your life. Even the uncomfortable stuff. For it is the uncomfortable stuff that is most likely propelling you forward.


We delve into the fact that Nikki is the queen of happiness. For the approx 18 years that I've known Nikki I have always known her to be happy at work. If I ring her and she's at work, she always comments on how great it is to be at work.


We discuss how Nikki actively chooses to be happy when others are miserable. This attitude of gratitude is infectious and Nikki is known all around our city as being "happy". People love to hang out with her and be inspired and infected with her positive vibes. Nikki proves that happiness is a choice. The more we choose to get happy and stay happy the easier it gets.


The Weekly "Take Away" is:

Practice choosing happy thoughts when confronted with the situations that would normally trigger a stress response from you. In the car driving is a great place to practice. At home with kids and partner. At the office or place of work. Begin to be consciously aware of your state of mind through out the day and when a stress response is triggered, take a breath, pause and ask yourself if its really necessary to elicit your usual stressful reaction. In doing so, you now have the opportunity to choose happiness and peace.


It may be hard at first but as we practice more the easier it will become. This is a great step on the journey to manifesting the best version of yourself.


Final Note


As a final note we discussed how we are not talking about running around all super excited and in everyones face. Thats just annoying. We need to keep it real. We are talking about developing peace of mind. Learning to be well balanced and graceful in all situations. Again it takes time and practice. Don't be discouraged if it takes a lot of time and effort. We are all about moving forward slowly but surely, towards a better future for us all.


Hope you enjoy the Podcast. Please leave us some comments we would love to hear your feedback. It helps us to grow into our best selves too.


Remember, your best is yet to come.

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