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Higher Ground Living with Shane and Nikki, explores how to maintain happiness and peace throughout the ups and downs of life. HGL cover the psychology and spiritual tools available to grow strong unshakable mindsets.

Through fun and insightful discussions and third party interviews, Shane and Nikki provide an easy listening approach in their breakdown of complex psychological and spiritual concepts.

"It is our desire to equip people from all over the world with the tools, practice and skills necessary to create lasting changes and happiness in their lives. We want to see a world where more and more people become consciously aware of their lives and grow to choose happiness and peace over fear and hate. We want to see people living their best possible lives, authentically manifesting the lives they know they were born to live. In this way we see a future where more people are living higher ground lives. Being happy, being peaceful and living abundant blessed lives." Shane & Nikki

Mar 12, 2019

School teacher and Instagram Vloger Josiah Hein joins Shane and Nikki for a powerful conversation. 

At 13 years old Josiah's best friend died of Leukemia. It rocked Josiah's world and sent him on a destructive journey. It was his best friends dream to come to Australia so after much turmoil and soul searching Josiah decided to ease his grief and make the journey for his friend.

Once in Australia, through a sequence of encounters with some very compassionate and loving people Josiah turned his life around. 

Josiah is an out of the box high school teacher who has a massive impact on teenagers. His love and joy for life is infectious and the students he comes in contact with are blessed and inspired by his energy. The education system would be a brighter place if there were more teachers with the energy and compassion of this man.

On the advise of some friends and students Josiah began vloging on instagram and in less than a year attracted over 10 000 followers who love his hilarious videos about travel, food and life.

Josiah has rebuilt his life on the conscious choice to be grateful everyday. Finding joy in everything and spreading as much love and inspiration as he can.

Enjoy this uplifting conversation