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Higher Ground Living with Shane and Nikki, explores how to maintain happiness and peace throughout the ups and downs of life. HGL cover the psychology and spiritual tools available to grow strong unshakable mindsets.

Through fun and insightful discussions and third party interviews, Shane and Nikki provide an easy listening approach in their breakdown of complex psychological and spiritual concepts.

"It is our desire to equip people from all over the world with the tools, practice and skills necessary to create lasting changes and happiness in their lives. We want to see a world where more and more people become consciously aware of their lives and grow to choose happiness and peace over fear and hate. We want to see people living their best possible lives, authentically manifesting the lives they know they were born to live. In this way we see a future where more people are living higher ground lives. Being happy, being peaceful and living abundant blessed lives." Shane & Nikki

Feb 8, 2018


The 80:20 Rule

In this episode we discuss the 80:20 Rule. This concept suggests that any endeavour we undertake will be more successful if we can approach it with 80% Psychology (mindset or thinking) and 20 % Action.

This can seam quite unbalanced but when we break it down its easy to see that its our thoughts that have the most effect on an endeavour. Our action towards our goal works so much smoother if we have our mental strength working for us. A person with a strong mindset will achieve so much more than a person working with a weak mind. Think about the things you've done well, verses the things you've done poorly. The things you've done well have had a strong mindset working for you. Rather than the fearful mindset that caused you to fail at other things.

We discuss the fact that the only "real' obstacles in your way are thoughts. Those big issues that slow us down and get us off track are only products of our thinking. We let fear and weakness hold us back all the time. What if we could develop great mental strength and push through our fears and weaknesses? Where would our lives be then? Wouldn't it be amazing?

Many of these road block thoughts come from our subconscious habitual thinking, which we have built up over many years, due to our experiences in life. The subconscious forms these boundaries designed to keep you safe. However, these boundaries hold us back from manifesting the life we really want. The crazy thing is, when we are on our journey and we come up against a trigger situation which our subconscious has set up as a fear, we turn and run in the opposite direction so as not to get hurt. The problem is that often we don't even know we are doing it. We believe its the situation that is an impenetrable road block but in reality its just our own thoughts designed to keep us in our comfort zone. Even if the comfort zone isn't very comfortable.

Therefore the 80:20 rule shows us that if we can raise our mental strength to be less fearful and have more courage, we will find our lives moving quickly towards our desires. If our thinking is working with us and not against us, we will be unstoppable.

The Take Away

Think of an endeavour you have been trying to undertake without much success. Could be a business, a relationship, health or weight loss etc. Spend some time really being honest about why you can't get past certain obstacles. Is it fear? Is it laziness? Is it trying too hard? What is it that trips you up? Expose it and write it down. Examine it, become conscious of it, find out why its there.  Work on building courage to confront this fear. If its a big deal then seek help to work through it. If its not a big deal then lets go. Move forward on your journey ready to confront these negative thoughts head on. Work through the fears you have, because on the other side of your fear could be the success you have always wanted. You deserve to have the successful life you desire. Don't let these thoughts hold you back.

Manifest u 2018

This year we are focused on manifesting our authentic selves and getting on the journey to our true desires. Its about embracing your authentic voice and releasing it to the world.  No one has the same voice as you, your experiences and skills are unique to you, no one has a voice identical to you. So if your thinking "why me" or "I'm not good enough". Remember your true voice is unique and will attract a certain amount of people to follow you. Your voice will be beneficial to many people who need to hear what you have to say. Therefore this year its all about finding that true voice and starting your authentic journey.

This is the year to start designing your life. Not just accepting the one you've been given.

Blessings and remember your best is yet to come!