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Higher Ground Living with Shane and Nikki, explores how to maintain happiness and peace throughout the ups and downs of life. HGL cover the psychology and spiritual tools available to grow strong unshakable mindsets.

Through fun and insightful discussions and third party interviews, Shane and Nikki provide an easy listening approach in their breakdown of complex psychological and spiritual concepts.

"It is our desire to equip people from all over the world with the tools, practice and skills necessary to create lasting changes and happiness in their lives. We want to see a world where more and more people become consciously aware of their lives and grow to choose happiness and peace over fear and hate. We want to see people living their best possible lives, authentically manifesting the lives they know they were born to live. In this way we see a future where more people are living higher ground lives. Being happy, being peaceful and living abundant blessed lives." Shane & Nikki

Jul 10, 2018

In 2001 Carol Taylor and her husband Robert were involved in a car accident that severed Carol’s spinal cord leaving her a high level quadriplegic. Today Carol lives on the Gold Coast in Australia with her husband Robert and their 11 year old son. Carol and Robert operate a successful law practice while dealing with the daily obstacles that come with being paralyzed from the neck down.

Shane and Nikki sit down with Carol for an in depth conversation about her journey.

Carol talks about:

How you rebuild a life: “ With the struggles i’ve been through, you don’t get back to your old life. You build another life. My former life is like a book i have read and put back on the shelf in the library. Now i’m writing another book.”

Overcoming adversity: “We don’t realize the strength we have until we need it. We are vastly more resilient and powerful than we realize. Adversity gives you the gift of resilience.”

“To overcome adversity you have to find a routine. Start small and grow over time, soon you build a new normal.”

Building a breakthrough mindset: “A wonderful lady that I knew during the first four years helped me a lot. One of the things she said to me was “ Carol, where do you see yourself in five years time? You are not going to be in this place where you are right now. Your body will never be the same, you will have to adapt but it will get stronger”.

“The thing that has gotten the strongest for me since my injury is my mind. Know that if you set your mind to something you can build the mindset you need to achieve it. Focus on where do you want to be in five years time”.

Why continue: Someone somewhere needs you to get through this. Someone is waiting for your story to inspire them. If your down, if your broken, build a routine and start living day by day.

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See Carols paintings here. On instagram @ carol.taylor.artist

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