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Higher Ground Living with Shane and Nikki, explores how to maintain happiness and peace throughout the ups and downs of life. HGL cover the psychology and spiritual tools available to grow strong unshakable mindsets.

Through fun and insightful discussions and third party interviews, Shane and Nikki provide an easy listening approach in their breakdown of complex psychological and spiritual concepts.

"It is our desire to equip people from all over the world with the tools, practice and skills necessary to create lasting changes and happiness in their lives. We want to see a world where more and more people become consciously aware of their lives and grow to choose happiness and peace over fear and hate. We want to see people living their best possible lives, authentically manifesting the lives they know they were born to live. In this way we see a future where more people are living higher ground lives. Being happy, being peaceful and living abundant blessed lives." Shane & Nikki

Oct 28, 2019

In this episode we begin to explore what it means to build a life of inner peace by accumulating "Treasure In Heaven". 

Treasure in heaven speaks of consciously developing inner peace. Our modern, busy world doesn't leave much space for cultivating inner peace. Which is why we see such a rise in mental health issues. Including anxiety, depression, fear, overwhelm, confusion and frustration. Which lead to the growing sense of disconnection and stress which we like to fill with all manner of material panacea.

Only to find that the more things we accumulate and the more food, alcohol, prescription drugs, TV and entertainment we consume we do not achieve the wellbeing we are searching for. 

Is it because we are too focused upon worldly treasure and not making time to build peace and strength into our inner world of the mind and spirit?

For the next few weeks HGL Podcast will be exploring this topic and offering practical ways that we can all develop our inner peace. So that we can find peace and wellbeing even in the storms of life. Higher Ground Living is all about raising our awareness above the fleeting pleasures of the material world and establishing ourselves upon the higher ground of the spirit, where we find lasting peace, abundance and wisdom. 

By doing this we begin to store up "treasure in heaven" in our inner world, which gives us a solid foundation to build our outward, earthly lives. 


Shane and Nikki